Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Drones

Micro, small and medium category drones as per Govt of India regulations

Drones of all types for military as well as civilian applications

Quad, Hexa and Octa configurations.

Includes BVLOS operations.

Delivery of stores in urban as well as in field areas, including High Altitude Areas.

Autonomous as well as semi autonomous operations.

Designed for GPS denied situations.

Our domain specific drones.

  • Mapping and survey for land, cadastral maps, hydrography, roads and buildings, construction, etc
  • Surveillance by day as well as by night.
  • CBRN spraying drones.
  • Radiation detection systems.
  • Drones for tactical combat operations .
  • Drones for Counter Insurgency and Anti Naxal Operations.
  • Search and rescue drones.
  • Shore to ship supply replenishment.
  • Medical stores delivery