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Multi-Purpose Military Smart Card for Defence Personnel and Dependents

HILD Multi-purpose Smart Card, a ``Tap & Go´´ dual interface biometric smart card is a document used to verify and authenticate the identity of the defence personnel and family members. Apart from identification, the card provides services at Defence CSD, Health Schemes, Social Security, Closed-loop Payment system, etc.

HILD Multi-purpose Smart Card can be used as a single card to avail services and benefits which will be integrated with various defence systems.

The Multi-purpose Smart Card will come with a secure microchip which stores demographic and biometric (facial, fingerprint & iris) data of the personnel to whom the card is issued. Biometric authentication is done for identification and for any service rendered to the personnel.

Identification: The smart card can be used for identifying personnel for rendering services at different departments like Grants, Ex-servicemen, Library, Welfare, etc.

Defence CSD: The smart card can be used to verify the cardholder while purchasing groceries, consumer goods, etc. This ensures the subsidy goes to the right person.

Health Schemes:The defence personnel and family can use the smart card to avail any cashless health schemes launched by Defence. The smart card ensures the schemes reach the eligible person though biometric authentication.

Social Security:Pensions and Armed force Provident Fund systems can be integrated with the smart card. This will enable the defence personnel to know the status and balance of funds available.

e-Purse:A Closed-loop Payment System can benefit defence personnel to transact money within the defence. The e-Purse can be loaded with money and used at any point-of-sale within the defence group. A person to person money transfer can also be made within the defence group.

End-to-end Solution:

  • Biometric Enrollment of Defence Personnel and Family
  • Dual Interface Smart Card Personalization
  • Card Management System
  • Key Management System
  • Smart Card Issuance
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Integration with various Defence System