Military & Police Smart Inventory Management Systems

  • Our time saving solutions for training of troops facilitates easy and accurate accountability of weapons drawn from the armory.
  • Maintains weapon allotment data, change of armory,etc.
  • Soldiers can walk in straight to specific weapon rack, draw personal weapon and proceed for operations or training with no loss of hours in filling in details in registers.
  • The data of the individual drawing the weapon is captured in one go.
  • System also facilitates bulk drawl for routine maintenance, authorization of buddy and for long durations such as field firing, exercises, SUTC etc.
  • Linked to the unit LAN and conforms to Cyber Security Policy.
  • Track and trace facility with biometrics including face recognition, iris recognition and fingerprint.
  • Depositing personal arms after training or operation is swift and does not need elaborate and time consuming register work.
  • All data is captive and within battalion premises, no external networking. System generates alarms if unauthorised weapon is drawn.
  • Successive levels of administrative rights permit automated integration of authority letter from Company Commander and other unit authorities.

Can be customized for any type of store item.