Drones as a Service(DaaS)

Surveillance drones

  • Micro category
  • Up to one hour endurance

Drones for Photography & Videography

  • Micro category
  • Up to 30 minutes of endurance
  • Variable camera configurations

Agri – Drones

  • Small and medium category
  • Hybrid design
  • Quad and Hexa configuration
  • Variable spray mechanism
  • Customized sensors(radar,lidar,RTK,PPK,etc)
  • Up to one hour endurance.

Survey Drones for Mapping

  • As per government requirements
  • Image processing capability integrated with CORS and GNSS on GIS platforms.
  • 3cm accuracy.

Other Applications

  • Asset mapping & Monitoring
  • Highway construction & maintenance monitoring
  • Railway survey and monitoring
  • Mining survey and monitoring
  • Specialised military training system in field firing for AD crew training.